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Erzbergrodeo 2017

Arctic Cat is proud to be partner of “Erzbergrodeo”, the biggest and toughest hard enduro race in the word. We supported this great event providing vehicles for the organizational team, VIP tours and shuttling journalist from all over the world.

We were 1 week at the mountain with 31 Arctic Cat and Stampede vehicles. Driving a total of 7,500 km and consumed about 1.100 lt. of petrol. The dust and the rough terrain demand a lot to the vehicles. Nevertheless, only 3 tires had to be changed and the ignition needs to be cleaned from dust. A pleasing result after the hard work.

For some, it is the ultimate off-road challenge, for the others the hardest day-hard-enduro race in the world - and both are right. The Erzbergrodeo with the Red Bull Hare Scramble as a final highlight is knowen all over the world. Precisely because of this unique hardness, heroes are born and myths are created.


1 mountain, 4 hours time, 20 checkpoints, 500 starters - and probably just a dusty dozen riders will reach the finish on the mountain of iron at all. The Red Bull Hare Scramble is a hard-enduro event of superlatives. You have to be "tougher than iron and harder than steel" to try your luck here. For fans of off-road motorcycling, the battle for the "Iron Giants" is an absolute must!


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